It’s all About the Soil!

Inwood Gardens was established in November 2017 on six acres in the Missouri Ozarks, near Mountain View.  Typical of most soil in the Ozarks, Inwood Gardens’ soil is thin, rocky and infertile.  But that’s fine, since Inwood Gardens’ founders had practiced soil-building techniques in other locations for two decades.  

Traditional farming, based on tillage and petrochemicals, may result in a temporary boost in productivity, but it ultimately destroys soil health and vitality by depleting organic matter and eradicating the intricate web of life that sustains healthy soil.  Traditional farming is unsustainable, as it erodes and depletes our most-valuable natural resource: the soil.

2018 is Devoted to Developing Deep, Rich, Healthy Soil

Up to the challenge, Inwood Gardens’ founders have devoted 2018 to building healthy soil where it did not exist previously.  Tons of compost are being hauled in to increase the organic matter of the soil—the single most important factor in any healthy soil.  Depleted minerals are being supplemented and cover crops will be planted over much of the soil to add organic matter, to draw up nutrients from the subsoil and to add nitrogen.  The soil will be inoculated with fungal mycelium and earthworms will be added.

In one year, the soil will be on its way to becoming nutrient-rich, healthy and vibrant — the kind of soil that grows healthy, nutritious food.